After fifteen years of research, with my own body as the laboratory, and a degree in nutrition, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the free standing Roxtract water purification system. I have been drinking this hightly oxygenated and mineralized water for nine months and am enjoying a higher level of optimum health than ever before. Truly, water is a miracle of nature and my Roxtract system takes away my fear of contamination of our stream fed waterways. I am endlessly grateful. 

Erica Paige, Director Health and Wellness TV network 

We started drinking Roxtract water Labor Day weekend last year.  I started detoxing immediately with a stealth headache, going bathroom a lot more and We had a tremendous thirst while our bodies were hydrating. My wrist hurt for a few days while the dead calcium dissolved were I had a bad brake in 1987. It now is pain free and at full strength. Five weeks after drinking the water we went to the Smokey Mountains and climbed to Rainbow falls by Gatlinburg, Tn and neither one of us got sore and it was a all day hike. The next morning we both got up and felt great.  I then knew that the water had removed the acid and supplied oxygen to our muscles so we didn't have lactic acid built up or tired muscles. Our dog was old with arthritis and she was like a puppy after a few days on the water and looked great.  My root canals released low grade infections and I know longer have sore spots in my jaw.  Everybody says we look great for our age and I feel like a kid again.

 My daughter in-law Sharyn was pregnant for her fourth child when she started drinking the water and had a lot of positive results.  Her blood pressure remained normal and her hemorrhoids went away.  She was also able to go up stairs without being winded and had a healthy, happy baby boy, 9lbs. 11oz.  Her other pregnancies were a lot more difficult. My sons and son-in-laws find they can play sports without the next day soreness and they don't get winded while playing.  In all my years of doing natural health care nothing has come close to the return on the investment of purchasing a Roxtract water unit.  We take the units with us when we travel so we don't go without the water.  I can tell the difference in how I feel in a couple of days when I'm not drinking the water.  Everyone loves the taste also. 

Robert Tormanen

Howell, Mi

"I just wanted to say this is a great system. I use to take Rolaids on a daily basis, but now I have no need for them...my heartburn is gone! I also live in Colorado where if you are not aware is very dry. I had to use moisturizing lotion a couple times a week because my skin would dry out very quickly, but now I have no need for that either! This is all in just a few weeks. Thanks Roxtrac, I am going to eat some pizza and go to bed now... with no worries of waking up in the middle of the night to pop a few Rolaids."
         --- Joe Kalish, Colorado

"I've been using the Roxtract Water System for over a year and it's the best health decision I have ever invested in!  Within just a week constipation is no longer an issue, I know longer feel bloated all the time (especially during menstruation), sinus headaches have become nearly non-existent, I sleep better, and have more energy than I have had in years.  My children enjoy Roxtract water, too.  They have even replaced juice boxes in their school lunches with Roxtract water....with NO prompting from me.  THANK YOU ROXTRACT! "

         ---Rose Goras, Michigan  

  • My skin from the 2nd day on feels like ‘silk’.
  • My nails are more pliable than before
  • I don’t lose hair any more.
  • I don’t bloat any more
  • My surgeon said that I’d require 6 months for a complete recovery. I recovered in two months.
  • I lost weight.
  • I don’t have to sleep as much as I used to. (One person said he now sleeps only 4 hrs. a night.)
  • The pain I have sustained from arthritis disappeared within a week after “I started this water.”
  • The acute pain I had from a kidney stone disappeared within days.
  • My bowel has changed to soft one like baby’s, including the color (yellow).
  • I have so much energy now.
  • It tastes so good that I find myself drawn to the Roxtract water constantly.
  • I don’t get a hunger pain. Sometimes I can go a whole day without eating food, as long as I am drinking this water.
  • My concentration has become sharper and more focused.

*All Testimonials are written and submitted freely by customers who have either purchased or experienced our product and wish to communicate their experiences.  Each person is speaking for themselves only,  not as medical practitioners.