Roxtract Water System $249

(Comes complete with enough minerals to make 79 gallons of water)


1 Quart (32oz) Refill Mineral Solution

(Makes 250 Gallons of finished water)

1 Pint (16oz) Refill Mineral Solution

(Makes 125 Gallons of finished water)

Filter replacement for Roxtract water system

2oz Travel Size Dropper Bottle (1-11 Bottles)
$25 (call for bulk pricing)

Mineral deficiency. ...the cause of all modern day diseases.....


Mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses!! By Hisatake Nojima, M.D. Explore Dr. Nojima's discoveries with organic and inorganic minerals. What living minerals truly are! Learn about his results with living minerals and how they affect the body. Compiled from his 14 years of research.


Nami Ex Foliator Gel

Its is 100% natural ingredient that both exfoliates and moisturizes it instantly.

$29.95 (Normally $49.99) Plus Shipping