"Our Story"

     Dr. Shimanishi of Japan, the discoverer of what we today call Roxtract Solution in America, was viewing a picturesque landscape on an island off the coast of Japan. A shapely pine tree was sitting on top of a boulder against the horizon of the gorgeous Pacific blue. Questions occurred in his mind. “How does the tree sustain its life sitting on a boulder?” “Where do its nutrients come from?”
      Nutrients from rocks, perhaps? That was his guess, but how? His conclusion was that those hair- like roots (like our capillaries) had a natural ability to extract minerals from the boulder and the rest was up to the rain and the sun for its health. His eventual conclusion was that answers to everything in our life could be and should be found in Nature.

    After decades of research and traveling to many continents of the world in search of the best rocks that contained most abundant minerals, he found them...In his own backyard! The rest is history and, thanks to his work, we have become the beneficiaries of his magnificent discovery.

    Dr. Shimanish invented and patented a way to extract minerals from rocks called black MICA and maintain them in an ionized form. Eventually he became the authority on the treatment and cleaning of water in Japan. This extraordinary discovery has led not only to the betterment of human health, but to revolutions in such industries as agriculture, poultry, horticulture, aquatics, raw sewage treatment, and waste water treatment. As a result, major conglomerates now use his lab as the final resource for their respective water treatment. You’ve heard of Sony, Toyota, Hitachi, Matsushita , many other big companies known throughout the world.....they are his major clients today.

Over 2/3 of our body is water

      Generally speaking, people drink and lose (through perspiration, urination, etc) about 0.39 gal to 0.66 gal of water every day.  According to our Roxtract Sensei, the water stays in our body for 21/25/28 days respectively.   We get rid of body’s water in accordance to the “First come, first go” basis.   In other words, the water we drink today stays in our body for 21/25/28 days respectively based on the average consumption of water intake.   

·         Therefore super hydration will mean drinking more than the average of 0.66 gallon a day.  (We recommend you drink at least a gallon of water a day!! One and a half if you can handle it.) 

·         If your water intake is less than the minimum requirement, the water will have to stay longer in your body.  (Imagine the consequence.) 

·         If your water intake is larger than required, you can shorten the stay of the old water proportionately  

·         Let’s do it American way according to the latest statistics by American Sports Data, Inc.: 

·         Obesity is rampant in America.  It is linked to increasing number of cancer patients, diabetics and heart related problems.  

·         Do you think there is a linkage among overweight, little water consumption and health? 

·         Drink our Roxtract ‘living water’! 

·         How about liquids such as beer, juice, soft drinks, water from vegetables and fruits?  Do they count as water intake?   

·         The answer is yes, in terms of water getting out of our body on the first come/first go basis. 

·         However the problem is that alcohol is no good because it turns acidic once in our body, neither are Cokes or Pepsi (diet is worse because it will rob us of calcium from bones, because the solute of the soft drinks is identical to the solute of spent ashes within our body cells; so no metabolism can take place), Gatorade (this should be banned along with aforementioned soft drinks), orange juice (because it will freeze our immune system for up to 5 hours), sweet fruits (from the dietary point of view due to the sugar content) and milk (because it is meant for cow babies, not for mankind).  

 Roxtract Around the World:

  • Orange County of California discovered that they could treat their raw sewage with this solution.
  • In poultry industry, they discovered that egg yolks were bigger and the shells harder.
  • In agriculture, Korea learned that rice stalks did not easily bend under the power of a Typhoon.
  • In the dairy industry, cow manures are considered hardest to break down because of their high alkalinity. Roxtract Solution can render it a complete biodegradability.
  • In Japan, aquatic industry already uses Roxtract (under a different name) to raise fishes, including their favorite Unagi, eels.
  • Using Roxtract, we can make water to be surgically clean.
  • In horticulture, Roxtract has been used as powerful nutrients in growing flowers. People who sell cut flowers have benefited greatly in prolonging the life of cut flowers.
  • In fruit industry, Roxtract is used to deliver healthy dosage of abundant minerals to their fruits so that consumers can benefit from them.
  • Medical researches have learned that the power of Roxtract has resulted in many new discoveries. Extraordinary findings will be announced in the future newsletters.